58th Annual Canoe Test

27th to 31st May 2022

The 100 mile canoe test is a personal challenge, not a race. Participants call on their skill, determination and stamina to achieve the 100 mile target over four days of paddling. The achievement brings a sense of personal fulfilment that will remain with the individual for life.

The event is an extended opportunity to undertake quality youth work with a group of young people who will be pushing themselves to achieve. It is not easy and requires effort which in turn leads to the reward of completion and satisfaction. As Group Leaders and Canoe Team Leaders your skills as youth workers are at the fore.
The event framework makes the paddling a safe platform for your interaction with your team. This year, the invitation has been extended to include canoe clubs and other organised groups.

PaddlePlus has a long association with the Canoe Test and are confident that they can provide a strong, safe framework within which the event will be staged. The Club have experience of delivering this event and other paddling events. PaddlePlus is a British Canoeing Club Mark Top Club and has strong links with the governing body and the volunteer network of coaches and paddlers. Many offers of support and gratitude that the event will go ahead.

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