It is that time of year already when we renew our membership information to make sure we can keep you updated with all the exciting opportunities we have to offer throughout the year. In a year that has been like none ever before it, we are keen that through 2021, we are doing everything we can to support you to continue doing the amazing work you do with young people in your communities’ week to week. Whether that be starting up your provision or rethinking what it looks like as we slowly return to life without lockdown. 

 Below is a link to our renewal form which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and will give us all the necessary information to make sure we can offer out our programme of training, events and networks and tailor opportunities around things like fundraising specifically to the areas you work in. If it is easier, you can also complete the form online here.

Membership is free and comes with a host of benefits including access to subsidised training, invitations to conferences and events, tailored support around growing your organisation, an invite to our annual summer camp, access to our training packages, networking opportunities, inter club competitions and lots more.


Alongside your membership renewal, we would really like to understand the needs of our organisations better so we can tailor our offer of support to best help you to help young people. If you could spend a few minutes of your time to complete this survey, we are hoping to get a better feel for how Covid 19 impacted your organisation and more broadly, how we can support your organisational development going forward. This includes an exciting new partnership we have with ‘The Funding People’ who’s mission it is to support small charitable organisations to access funding for their work. So, if you need support around navigating post Covid provision, governance, volunteers, first aid, fundraising or anything else please use this survey to let us know.

 We would like to thank you for your time it is very much appreciated.