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Hours 4pm to 6pm or 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Application Form Volunteers

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Role Description for Volunteers

  1. Role Purpose and Principal Activities
    1.1. The role exists to support the Youth Worker in Charge to create positive informal, educational and
    recreational activities chosen by and developed with young people aged 9 to 19 (or to 25 with special
    educational needs) rooted in their community that are safe, fun, welcoming and engaging.
    1.2. The Volunteer will help ensure that any activity and/or provision is accessible and appropriate to young
    people regardless of gender, disability, race, ethnic identity, social background and sexuality.
  2. What we ask of you
    2.1. To volunteer under the direction of the Youth Worker in Charge taking responsibility for what you do with
    young people, ensuring the provision of an effective and high-quality service.
    2.2. To support the Youth Worker in Charge to maintain registers, registration, and media consent forms and
    any accompanying evidence for producing session activity logs, half-termly reports, case studies and
    monitoring reports at regular intervals.
    2.3. To support the Youth Worker in Charge to gather feedback from and to consult young people about their
    needs and involve them in the design, development and conduct of any appropriate social action that they
    can be involved in to effect change in their community.
    2.4. To attend team meetings and training and comply with all of our policies.
    2.5. To adhere to safeguarding policies at all times, keeping up to date with safeguarding training, and ensuring
    all children accessing the project are safe from harm, taking appropriate action where uncertainty is raised
    discussing all concerns with the Youth Worker in Charge and / or Team Manager.
    2.6. To be aware of appropriate risk assessments for any activity, session, building, equipment or vehicle
    before any programme delivery and ensure that actions and precautions are adhered to prior to and
    during sessions, any accidents or incidents are recorded and reported using online reporting systems.
    2.7. Wherever possible to involve young people in all of the tasks and responsibilities listed here.
    2.8. Treat information on the children, young people and their families with the strictest confidence in
    accordance with the Code of Conduct
    2.9. Copyright – If in the course of your role you originate any design (whether registerable or not) or other
    work in which copyright may subsist, you agree that you are acting as the agent or nominee of SCYP and
    that the rights in relation to any such design or other work shall vest in and become the property of the

What we can offer you

We will provide you with the support and training you need to carry out your volunteering role.

  • First Aid
  • Young Leaders
  • Food Hygiene
  • Safeguarding and more